Handle Knob Replacements

No matter how long ago you bought your Vacumatic Waterless cookware we could match up your handles.

Over the last 50 years there have been many styles of Vacumatic with about ten different styles of handles and we still stock most of them.
If these handles were plastic from Asia they would cost about 2 bucks, but these are high quality Bakelite made in USA so they are not cheap. We hope you will get another 30 to 40 years out of them.
Side handles retail for $23/ea (Canadian) but come in a pack of two, plus shipping.
Long handles and lid knobs retail for $34.00 Canadian, plus shipping.
Please note that we no longer make the T-shaped vent knob. It is now round. There is a benefit to this. The lid can serve as a pot holder when placed upside down.
With side handles there are only two thicknesses of screws. You will have to make sure we know which one we send with your handles. The thicker screw is 1/4″ as seen in this image, and the thinner screw is about 3/16 in.

Important Note: If the handle you want to order is different from the ones below please call or e-mail us at the time of purchase with the handle part number or a description.

Ideally would be to email us a picture of the screw plus the rivet on the side of the pan that the handle screws into.

Find out how to get all your handles and knobs for free. Click HERE

If we do not have a handle that fits your cookware made be made by another factory.

Here is some info to help you find what you need;

Saladmaster – 817 633 3555
Cook-o-matic – 416 783 4019
Rena Ware – 425 881 6171
Bu-T-Btite, Canadiana, Life ware, Fine Arts, were all brands made by Everingham Brothers. They folded about 25 years ago, but some of our handles fit.
West Bend was bought out by Regal Ware and they account for about half of all cookware brands such as: Lustre-Craft, Flavorite, Wonderware, Cordon Bleu, Lifetime, Kitchen Queen, Aristocrat, Miracle Maid, Kitchencraft, Queen Anne…. 262 626 8623.

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