Mom’s Special

Over the years we have had some of our original clients ask about sets for their kids.

As a special thank you we are offering you the biggest promotion possible.

If you are an existing past client of Vacumatic cookware and want to get a set for your child or treat yourself to a new set, we will give you a 50% wholesale discount plus a full new set of cookware handles for your old set.

Your child will want your cookware not just for the health and logic of cooking food that retains all the vitamins, without oils and uses one eighth the normal hydro, but they will want your set for sentimental reasons. This set was likely around before they were born and they grew up with it.

I personally don’t want to wait till I die for my kids to get my set and have quality cookware. For this reason we have put this promotion together for you.

Here is how it works:

First you select the pieces in your set that you have used the most. There is no sense in buying a set with pieces you rarely use. Then you simply call us or write to and mention that you are a Vacumatic client. We will then send you our price list or quote the price on the phone with a distributor wholesale discount of 50%.

We will also include a large jar of surgical steel cleaner, an instructional DVD, full color cookbook and a new set of handles for your old set. With this you can polish up your old set and when you pass it to one of your kids they will think it’s a new set. Just imagine how thrilled they will be to find out that it’s your personal set that they ate from all their lives.

So what is the main benefit for you?

Well, computers are not the only things that have improved over the years. If you have liked your cookware over the last 20 to 50 years then you will be amazed by the new Vacumatic.

Every few years when someone had an objection about the cookware, we would do something about it. Here is a list of just some of the objections and what we did.

  • “My pot warped from high heat and burning something and now it spins on my new glass top stove:”  We incorporated an expansion ring into the base to make it warp resistant. The set is now a full 7-ply instead of three making it virtually indestructible.
  • “I stopped cooking Vacumatically because I had to use a timer for the steam vent:”  It now whistles when it’s ready. I was so thrilled when they came out with the Whistle Vent. I now throw all my veggies in one pot, wet the bottoms with a couple of ounces of water, turn the heat to medium high and go back to my TV show. After a few minutes I hear a soft whistle sound like a kettle and I simply go back to the kitchen, close the Whistle Vent, turn off the heat and go back to my show. My veggies will now cook in a vacuum vapor off the heat retaining ALL the vitamins, minerals and flavor. It’s like automatic cooking.
  • “I switched to a gas stove and now some of my handles are starting to crack on the bottom:”  The new handles have a full wrap-around flame guard to protect the handles from excessive heat.

Recently I personally had one last possible objection. I was thrilled about the Whistle Vent but when I was cooking rice or spaghetti sauce I did not want to have to listen to that whistle tone. So the factory invented the new ‘Three Way Whistle Vent’. You now have the option of whistle for veggies, regular steam, like you are used to, and Lock to close off the vent for vacuum cooking.

There is no other cookware in the world with all the features of Vacumatic.

Here is a list to remind you why you bought your original set in the first place;

  • 316Ti Surgical steel with titanium to prevent metal oxides and bacteria from entering your foods.
  • Warp resistant bottoms so that they stay flat on your burner.
  • ‘Sure-grip’ handles for a solid and safe grip. Even with greasy hands you pot will never slip out of your hands.
  • No rivets inside the pot where bacteria can hide or eventually start leaking.
  • Electrically welded square rivets. Even if the handle got loose the pot would never twist and spill hot food on you.
  • Sliding handle ring for the option of hanging your pots on the wall.
  • Self storing lids. Almost my entire set fits in my stove pot drawer.
  • Energy efficient. With the seven layers of heat-conducting inner cores you can roast on one burner using one sixteenth of the normal energy your stove would use or one quarter of the heat to do veggies. With the cost of hydro and gas today the set pays for itself in just a few short years on energy savings alone.
  • No oils butters or fats. If you properly preheat the pan nothing will stick. There is now a fabulous DVD with each set that give full instructions and great recipes.

For more info on why you invested in quality cookware go here:
Cookware Features and Benefits

The list goes on, but the bottom line is we use our cookware daily and quality tools for our kitchen not only makes sense for us but our children need the same tools.

With so much junk on the internet they will easily get fooled by great deals from ‘on-line’ companies offering what looks like the original Vacumatic. They will end up with China made junk and never have all the benefits you have enjoyed over the years. I have heard from many people who have bought what they were told was American made cookware and were greatly disappointed. In reality these companies can put the handles and stamp China made stainless and call it ‘American made’ Your cookware was and still is made by the original Vollrath corporation in Tennessee making hospital, restaurant and home kitchen equipment since 1874.

Remember the people who told you that you were crazy spending all that money on cookware? Now those same people are probably on their tenth set by now and paying more for junk than what you originally paid for the world best made cookware.

Don’t let your kids loose out on the savings and health benefits this cookware offers.

THE ONLY PEOPLE PAYING FOR THIS COOKWARE ARE THE ONES WHO DON’T OWN IT! In other words, the extra cost of cooking without using this cookware, will eventually equal the price of it, and yet, they still don’t own it!

There is another way to get your handles for FREE!

We have an ongoing promotion where we will give you double the discount on any product in free products.

For example, the discount on one of our air purifiers (very popular in Covid times) is 200.00. You can instead get 400.00 in free anything. You could get all your handles and possibly have money left for a shower filter, or credit towards any product.

If you would like to chat about this special feel free to call us any time toll free at 1-877-523-7800.