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Juice Extractors

Natural organic juice… The fruit of life! You’ll look and feel better! You’ll help slow down your aging process.
You’ll enjoy energy and vitality! You’ll lose and control your weight naturally!

What you need to take into consideration before buying your first juicer

Budget: this is a no-brainer, but it’s important to have your budget in mind before you start searching. Be aware that many of the more affordable models are centrifugal as opposed to masticating.

Time: how much time do you want to put into juicing? If you’re super busy and rushed then a centrifugal juicer may be best for you because the extraction takes the least amount of time.

Cleaning: if you can’t face the idea of a juicer which is fiddly to clean, keep that in mind and search reviews for the truth about the cleaning process. Some juicers are easier than others, depending on how many parts there are and if they’re dishwasher friendly or not.

Ingredients: think about what kind of juice you want to make. Not all ingredients are equal and some are better for different kinds of juicers. For example, masticating juicers tend to be better for leafy greens and root veggies while centrifugal juicers are fine for wetter, juicer ingredients like citrus.

Take in mind that the higher the RPMs on a juicer the dryer the pulp and the more juice you will extract.

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