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What is the difference between Waterless cookware and Vacumatic Waterless cookware?
Waterless cookware is a system of slowly steaming your vegetables without boiling out the flavor and color. (Steam comes to 100C)
Vacumatic cookware is a process of cooking your vegetables in a vacuum vapor. By doing so you are cooking below the boiling point (74 Celsius / 165 Fahrenheit) thereby retaining all of the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, natural color and taste.

    Some of the features necessary to cook Vacumatically are;

  • Vapor seal to create a partial vacuum
  • Vac-Controle valve to allow the steam to escape and lock
  • Heat conducting inner core along bottom and up the side to the rim
  1. Vapor seal
  2. Vac-Controle whistle vent
  3. Heat retaining alloys

Without these features cooking Vacumatically in a vacuum vapor would not be possible.

Detailed Information On The Vacumatic Cookware

We have listed most of the information on our cookware in the following pages.

There are 51 features and benefits that make Vacumatic the highest quality possible. Click HERE

The Vacumatic Waterless Cookware is recommended by leading health authorities!

70% of all prosperity diseases; such as high blood pressure and heart disease, even dental problems can be attributed to an improper and inadequate diet.
In recent years our awareness of what constitutes good health has changed significantly. We exercise more. We have changed our diets, eating more chicken and fish than red meat, yet with all our efforts to live healthier lives we still cook like our grandparents. We use too much fat to cook in and we destroy the very vitamins, nutrients and proteins our bodies need to live long productive lives.

We know the secrets of maintaining a healthy diet and we invite you to share our knowledge. We have in fact, made it our mission to promote good health all across the country. With the turn of the new millennium, it is with a sense of pride that we tell you that we have made a commitment to continue to lead our country in advancing the trend of good health.

In a society, which is complicated and stressful, the culinary art represents an important form of communication, which helps to relax and bind us to our families. The Vacumatic cooking system allows you to spend less time preparing meals and in doing so enjoy more time with your family. The cooking time is drastically reduced and allows you to maintain more of the basic nutritional resources produced by nature. The Vacumatic cooking system makes all of this possible.
Therefore with Vacumatic cooking systems you will have a healthier and more balanced diet, gain vitality and enjoy life better.

Vacumatic cooking systems make cooking with virtually no water possible. The natural flavour of each vegetable, its aroma, colour and consistency remain optimally preserved with our waterless method of cooking. All foods naturally contain water. A sufficient amount of water, in fact, is already contained in most produce to cook vegetables by using the Vacumatic cooking system.

Vacumatic cookware seals itself to maintain these liquids during the vacuum heating process. The vapour then cascades down from the center of the pot lids over your foods bathing them in their own juices. By cooking with Vacumatic the delicate water-soluble vitamins are preserved, as are the minerals, which help naturally flavour foods, as a result you’ll find there is little need to add salt at the dinner table.You can even cook a variety of vegetables in the same container. Each will maintain its own flavour, aroma and colour. How? We have previously discussed that the Vacumatic cooking system seals itself during cooking. Oxygen is required for a transfer of odour. A Vacumatic cooking utensil is a sealed unit so no transfer occurs.

If a potato is cooked in water, the vitamin C content is reduced by 60 to 80%. Cooking with Vacumatic proves it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can avoid fat!

    10 reasons why our cookware is the best cookware in the world.

  1. The Vacumatic cooking method
    Cooking without water and broiling without fat allows you to optimally preserve all the important vitamins and nutrients such as minerals and trace elements.
  2. The Vacumatic cooking system
    The variety of pots offered can be combined to expand a single heating element to cook an entire meal.
  3. The material
    All Vacumatic cookware is made from the highest grade surgical quality 316Ti surgical stainless steel with Titanium. A material which is practically indestructible, corrosion resistant, neutral to odours and flavours and prevents the transfer of metal from the cookware to your food.
    One of the 7 plies is magnetic in preparation of the future Induction stoves.
  4. Our 7-ply heavy gauge construction
    The unique nature of our cookware centers on the ability of the utensil to retain heat.
    The heat conducting inner core allows heat to spread perfectly evenly along the bottom and up the sides, eliminating ‘hot spots’ which cause most sticking and burning.
    This special feature guarantees every Vacumatic owner energy savings, up to 70%, virtually paying for the cookware over a time period of a few years.
  5. Saving time and money
    You will save money because you will use less energy to cook your meals and because the cooking time is reduced. With Vacumatic you will have more time to spend enjoying those savings with your family.
  6. Cleanliness and Hygiene
    Vacumatic cookware features drip-free rims, it is dishwasher safe and even burned on foods clean up easily with soap and water.
  7. Space
    Vacumatic cookware is designed to fit and stack one on top of the other, taking up less space.
  8. Exclusive design
    Fashioned in North America, where beautiful designs have been a matter of every day living,
    Vacumatic has a timeless appeal and is unmatched in its perfection.
  9. Customer service
    Buying Vacumatic cookware is done through friendly, specially trained representatives whose personal contact assures your complete satisfaction. Even after your purchase our representatives are always available to offer advice and answer any questions you might have.
  10. Lifetime warranty
    CanAm Wellness assures each buyer of products free from manufacturers defects. In the event of failure to provide satisfactory service due to fault in materials or fabrication, CanAm Wellness will repair or provide replacement for any of its Vacumatic products for as long as you own them, period.
    Vacumatic makes a worthy investment.
    Quality lies in every detail!

The material

Every Vacumatic pot is made of the precious metal CrNi 19/9 316T surgical stainless steel with titanium. Since this material comes in direct contact with food while it is cooking you are assured that all the positive attributes of this alloy are ultimately benefiting your health. The mirror finish results in a hardwearing surface which is easy to clean and hygienic.

The construction

The heat-conducting core picks up the lowest setting of energy extremely quickly. Heat conduction is uniform over the entire bottom and sides of the pot and it also conserves that heat perfectly.

In Vacumatic cookware the internal temperatures never reach the boiling point. During the cooking process the body of the pot consisting of a special 7-ply heavy gauge heat-conducting core, which is the same thickness along the bottom and up the sides, allows for hot humid air to rise and make contact with the upper sides and lids of the pot where the temperature is much cooler. A vacuum vapour occurs at this point, bathing foods in their own nutrient laden moisture.

Whistle while you work

The whistle valve on the lids will notify you when the correct temperatures have been reached and to turn the heat off. The Vacumatic cookware lid is designed and constructed to fit perfectly. A special condensation groove takes the hot humid air and forms a thin film of water between the pot and lid to assure that the container maintains an airtight seal during the vacuum cooking process. Precious nutrients cannot escape, no evaporation occurs and no unpleasant kitchen odours!

Whistle valve control

The Vacumatic cooking system includes details that other manufacturers never consider. Take for example your ability to regulate the cooking process without lifting the lid with our whistle valve. Our new whistle valve allows you to regulate the cooking process with an acoustic signal allowing for the optimal application of our unique cooking system. It also has a setting for just steam.

The handles

The construction our handles allows for a more solid hold. Since the handles do not heat up, the units can be carried without potholders. They are replaceable, interchangeable, dishwasher safe and oven proof.

The rim

All Vacumatic cookware rims are designed to prevent dripping when pouring liquids.

The design

Exclusive, timeless beauty and perfect function are the prime principles for the development of all BelKraft products.

Vacumatic means cooking with the system

The apex of the Vacumatic cooking system: function. Similar to the principle of construction parts, our pots and lids can be used as you decide maximizing your use of the Vacumatic system. As the heat transfers evenly up the sides, the whole meal can be made on one burner resulting in energy saved and more space on the stove.

With Vacumatic cooking systems your savings really add up!

  1. Energy and timesavings
    Studies show that the average four-member household spends $45.00 a month on energy used for cooking. With Vacumatic you can save 2/3’s of that bill or $30.00!
  2. Savings in cooking oil
    With Vacumatic you won’t need oil for cooking or broiling anymore, savings up to 80%! Assuming your family uses one litre a month that’s a savings of $2.50.
  3. Savings in food
    A household of four spends approximately $120.00 a month on meat, fish and poultry. Gastronomes need 5 ounces of meat to be able to provide 3.5 ounces serving due to shrinkage. With the Vacumatic cooking system you only need to buy 3.8 ounces to serve 3.5 ounces. That’s a 22% difference in shrinkage and a 25% savings or another $30.00 a month for your family to enjoy.
  4. Saving in utensils
    Vacumatic cookware has a 50-year warranty! You will never need to purchase new cookware again, otherwise over ten years let’s assume you would spend $600.00 on cheaper cookware. This works out to $5.00 a month.

  5. Save time and save it in many ways
    First, when you cook. With Vacumatic your cooking time is cut by 50% over conventional methods. Second, cleaning up. There are now fewer dishes and you cook and serve in the same utensil. And lastly, you will save on dishwashing liquid, (we won’t bother with figures.) With an average of 20 days per month that you cook, and a half hour of time saved on each of those days even at an hourly wage of $9.00 that’s another $90.00 a month you saved.


  1. Electricity $ 30.00
  2. Cooking oil $ 2.50
  3. Food savings $ 30.00
  4. Savings in utensils $ 5.00
  5. Time savings $ 90.00

Monthly savings $ 157.00
Yearly savings $ 1,884.00
Savings through 10 years $ 18,840.00
Price of an average Vacumatic set $ 1,800.00
(The only people who are paying for our cookware are the ones who don’t own it)

For a healthy beautiful life!

The human being is our main concern. The well being of the family, especially the right nutrition and hence an improvement of health, vitality and quality of life – these are the goals of CanAm Wellness.

CanAm Wellness means the best possible warranty.

This philosophy is the most important principle of our success – internationally as well.

CanAm Wellness stands behind every one of our products.

With Vacumatic you have a 50-year double lifetime warranty! More than 4 decades of know-how development and years of research have made it possible to offer what only a few manufacturers are able to. CanAm Wellness offers a unique product that will delight you for whole lifetime.

We guarantee this!

Questions And Answers

Can I use your cookware on my induction-top stove?

Yes you can. Our 7-ply set of cookware is not only constructed of 316Ti surgical stainless steel with Titanium, but it also has a layer of carbon steel. It has been tested for use on induction-top stoves and works perfectly.

How are the handles placed on your pots?

The pots have handle brackets that are welded onto the pots so that no rivets or screws are inside the pans. A stainless steel flame guard is placed between the virtually indestructible textured, non-slip handles and knobs. Lock washers and stainless fittings keep the handles tight. No cookware handles should be easily removed by the push of a button. That is an accident waiting to happen. Should you need to replace a handle within the 50 year warranty, you will need a standard screwdriver.

How can I tell if a stainless steel is a good grade, and what do the numbers mean?

If the stainless steel is called ‘surgical stainless steel,’ you can be certain that it is a good grade of stainless steel. 316T is the highest possible grade of surgical steel.
The numbers you spoke of represent the gauge of the steel, and there are a lot of different gauges. Our waterless cookware sets are constructed of 316T Surgical Stainless Steel with titanium. This is a high quality, high grade stainless steel, and is used by many hospitals because it’s easier to keep clean and sterile. Some of the advantages of this stainless steel that a lesser grade would not have are corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, flavor protection, economy, durability, cleanability, and design flexibility.

Is surgical stainless steel the best material to use in the manufacturing of waterless cookware, or are there other materials that are just as good for this purpose?

316T surgical stainless steel is always the best and requires no special instructions unless you’re using the waterless method, and even then it’s just using your common sense. Neither does it require special utensils, such as wood or plastic. True, it’s a bit more expensive, but there are consumers who have had their sets for over 40 years and are still using the same set, and their children will probably inherit the sets one day. No kidding.   (See Testimonials )

Click HERE to read a letter about a fight to ban aluminum cookware from being used in restaurants.

Why is your cookware priced so much lower than other brands of high quality cookware?

The main reason for the price difference is simple: We are a wholesale supplier of cooking products and accessories, and not a retail outlet. Plus, we market our products over the Internet. We do not advertise, and we do not do bulk advertisement mailings. Neither do we conduct the very popular cooking demonstration parties that many of the other cookware brands do. We leave this form of marketing to our resellers. Plus, since we sell so many sets, we are able to purchase the sets directly from the manufacturer themselves in large, bulk quantities, and are therefore able to receive a large discount on each set, which we pass on to our customers.
By following the marketing plan described above, we save the expensive overhead, which most companies incur, and we’re glad to pass each savings on to our customers.

More Q and A’s

Q. How does the vapor seal work?
A. The vapor seal is designed to cook vegetables with little or no added water. Rinse your vegetables, place in the pan, turn on medium heat, wait for whistle /vent and reduce to low. The vapor seal is formed when the heat is reduced from medium to low. A ring of water will form between the pan and cover. The reduction of heat reduced the pressure inside the pan creating the vapor seal. This process allows you to cook foods quicker with less heat.

Q. How do I get information on completing my set?
A. CanAm Wellness may have a distributor near you. Call our office toll free at 1-877-523-7800 and we will gladly answer any of your questions

Q. Does scratching the cookware affect it effectiveness?
A. No, you can use any type of kitchen tool in the Vacumatic cookware. In cleaning the cookware, we recommend not using abrasive cleaners.

Q. What causes food to stick to my cookware?
A. Overheating. If food sticks to your pan, the heat was too high or you had no moisture in the pan. Try adding two tablespoon of water to fresh or frozen vegetables. Also, it is important to pre-heat the pan until a drop of water beads.

Q. What causes my cookware to discolor?
A. Heat Tints. Blue heat tints may result from persistent overheating.
Light Residue. Light colored residue may occur from hard water spots or cooking starchy foods. In either case, spread stainless steel cleaner on a damp pan and rub with a paper towel or cloth in circular motions until pan is clean. Rinse and dry promptly. Also, it is important to wash off the buffing oils when you get delivery of your set.

Q. What is the best way to clean my cookware?
A. Rinse out any food particles and wash with hot soapy water. Your cookware is also dishwasher safe. should you have a bad burn like we sometimes get with popcorn, we have a special cleaner and when you use this with a green Scotchbrite type scowering pad you can remove the worst possible burn.

Q. What do I do if I lift the cover before the food is done cooking?
A. Replace the cover, turn the heat to medium, open the valve and wait for the whistle/vent to sound and then close the valve and turn the heat to low. If there is no moisture in the pan, add two tablespoons of water before turning heat back to medium.

Q. How can I get more waterless/greaseless recipes?
A. As of March, 2000, our manufacturer has put together a new waterless cookbook called Healthy Gourmet. It includes information on how to maximize the benefits of your cookware, updated recipes and recipes from the Pritikin Health Centers.

Helpful Hints

Veggies – Place rinsed vegetables in saucepan, add two or three tablespoons of water. Place on medium heat until you hear a tone from the whistle vent. Close valve and turn off heat. Let it stand 5 to 15 minutes depending on the vegetable or until desired preparedness.

Meats – Preheat pan on medium-high heat. Place meat in pan, place cover on to allow air in pan. Wait for meat to sear, flip meat, reduce heat and cover completely for the same amount of time it took to sear.

Eggs – Preheat pan on medium-low heat. Spray cooking spray on pan, place eggs in pan and cover. Leave until desired preparedness, then add one tablespoon water and eggs will remove with ease.