We get letters every day from satisfied clients of Vacumatic cookware going back over 50 years. Read some of these lovely letters from our happy clients.
We get them almost daily and once in a while we will post one.

March 2021
Hello from England.
just for your interest….in 1963 as newlyweds we bought a large set of your saucepans stainless steel 18/8 pans.
Out of interest we searched the internet and found your company ..which is the same as our pans.
.we have never bought another set of pans!!
some of them have been used daily and they are still perfect after nearly 57 years of use…and we will carry on using them forever!!!
keep well
-Rosalind Barclay

Feb. 2021
I Googled Vacumatic cookware and was so surprised to find you.
I bought my set in 1972 from a salesman who came to my home for only 499.00
My girlfriend at the time thought I was nuts spending so much money on cookware.she has bought and replaced about ten sets since then and never had the benefits of vacuum cooking or eating from cookware with no metal oxides.
My set still looks and works like the day I bought it except I needed to replace a couple of handles.
I still believe this was by far the smartest investment I have ever made.
– Susan P, Oshawa


December 2021

“I can’t remember if it was 1973, ’74 or ’75, that I bought a full set of the stainless steel pans, the Candlelight China, the Midnight Lace Crystal, and a set of cutlery. I still have these items – over 40 years – and still enjoy them today. The pots are amazing – and the china is my good china and not frequently used. Same with the crystal. I did give my cutlery to our son and daughter in law – I really liked the set. I also have from that time a knife set ‘Ekco Arrowhead’ in its own box holder that hangs on the wall. I regularly use the knives – they are excellent as well. I bought everything from a salesman who came to my apartment when I lived in Toronto – and he later visited me in Picton, Ontario. A few years later I met my husband and after a few travels we settled in Lunenburg, NS (over 34 years ago). Thank you for such great products.” – Mary Cecilia Webb

Holistic Cooking Academy of Canada
Lori Nichols Davies, Natural Health and Food Consultant, CEO and curriculum director
Promote surgical stainless steel cookware and build immunity one meal at a time

For the sake of our national economy we must do more about preventing disease. Our health care system is breaking its back on the rising incidence of obesity, cancer and diabetes, all preventable through diet and cookware. Most people and chefs are not aware of the health hazards of the metal oxides entering the food when cooking with inferior cookware. What alarms me is that the pots and pans industry is unregulated, and remains unregulated in spite of the results at the University of California at Berkley that found aluminum in 90% of autopsies of the dead from Alzheimer’s disease in 1997. The pubic truthfully needs a third party reference to safe cookware, and I hope our voice will help guide you best to safety. I was unaware that there are 80 kinds of stainless steel until March 2009, when a rep from Salad Master Cookware visited from Niagara Falls to my Academy in Richmond Hill and enlightened me regarding the 316Ti cookware. Now 316Ti is the only metal that a surgeon can put into our body to repair hip, heart or ears or any part of the body without the body rejecting it. The Vacumatic is made of 316Ti surgical steel with titanium and 100% USA made.

As a baby boomer seeking healthy longevity, I say that surgical stainless steel cookware is the only cookware to buy. Surgical stainless steel makes all vegetables taste so good that children ask for third helpings. It’s the best taste because of superior nutrition. I hope many crappy companies and crappy jobs will be lost in this paradigm shift to excellence and wisdom for healthy longevity. In August 2010 I met Ron Geyer of Orleans, Ontario with his Vacuumatic-line cookware. Now I am pleased to know that there is another company that sells top of the line surgical stainless steel. Having bought this Cookware and subsequently five holistic teaching chefs have it, its lifetime guarantee of service for the rest of life of the cookware, not just my life cannot be replaced. But what I didn’t like about Salad Master is that the company (based in Texas) wouldn’t give our chefs a 50% discount – as they did for the Academy. Subsequently, when Ron Geyer approached me with a pot of surgical stainless cookware from Tennessee, what I liked best was that all my referrals can get up to a 56% discount. Go to https://americanwaterlesscookware.com/vacumatic-waterless-cookware/ Investigate it. And say it comes from me when you get it.

In my test kitchen, I can say I prefer the lid of the Vacumatic, which has a 3-way whistle vent. Very different from the tapping sound of Salad Master®. I can turn a knob and the whistle stops. With Salad Master I either lower the heat or remove from heat so the noise stops. With the whistle blower turned off, I can proceed to simmer soup bones at a low, rolling boil for hours without a noise. Now quiet cooking everybody likes.

The truth remains. No cookware can pass the Baking Soda Test except high quality surgical stainless steel. Please do this test to find out for yourself how your cookware contaminates your food. Simply take a teaspoon of baking soda and boil it in a cup of water for five minutes using in any pot you wish to test. Now taste that water. Now you will understand many things, such as you might not be such a bad cook yourself if you had the right cookware. Glass and enamel cookware, iron and all non-surgical stainless steel tastes poisonous because it is poisonous.

I am a firm believer in the benefits of cooking in quality surgical stainless steel waterless cookware. Many features make surgical stainless steel cookware unique and superior to all other metals and surfaces used to cook food. I love the true 7-ply thickness of their surgical stainless steel cookware. I can now bake cake on the stove top while saving lots of money by not using the oven. It makes the oven obsolete. I cooked my turkey on the stovetop. Food can cook even in the fridge thanks to that seven-ply protective surface on the top, bottom, and all around the sides.

The Vacumatic method of waterless-cooking takes cooking to a whole new level. The vacuum vapor allows food to cook at much lower temperatures so we chefs can retain 93% of the vitamins and minerals in foods. Now this is truly holistic cooking. The point is vacuum-seal holds the air tight and hot while the pot is off the stove or in the fridge cooking. Just the right temperature is maintained effortlessly inside the pot without destroying color or nutrients because of Vacumatic seal. It really cuts down heating bills, say UBC studies. And Vacumatic is the most equitable investment for everybody.

Dec. 2020
One late night a couple of years ago, I started boiling an extra large batch of eggs in my 12 qt. Vacumatic pan to prepare for making Deviled Eggs. I thought I was saving time ahead of a family gathering the next day, but unfortunately, I fell asleep.After a few hours, I was awakened by an unusual smell, and noticed a haze of smoke coming from the kitchen.All of the water in the pan had boiled away, and the eggs were burned so badly that they had burst out of their shells and turned black, plus the interior of the pan was just as black. After allowing the pan and eggs to cool, I tossed out all of the eggs, and started soaking the scorched pan.Amazingly, it cleaned up fairly easily, and I was able to start a new batch of eggs in the morning when I was fully awake — So much for saving time!I’m sure if this had been a lesser quality pan, then the damage would have been far worse than unsalvageable eggs.I have always been happy that I bought my set of pans 40 years ago.
– Lori G.

Nov. 2019
Good day, I bought complete set of your cookware in 1975/76 from a representative that lived in Durban, South Africa and who said he was the only one with importing rights for this project. His name is Willie Conradie. This purchase was almost, if not, the best transaction I ever entered into. I brought up 4 children and utilized the cookware on a daily basis for 44 years – the look is brand new except for the handles and the valves. I am so excited to find your web page and that I can get new handles still.
– Marthie

October 2019
Good day, My name is Charles Freeman. I purchased my cookware in 1975 in Chatham Ontario Canada. I am now looking for lid handles and both pot and pan handles. This was the best purchase that I have ever made. My cook ware is still shiny as new and works great.
– Charles Freeman

July 2019
I lost the lid to one of my pans and wanted to replace it so I can pass on the set to one of my kids.
i bought the set back in 1973 and strangly enough still had the original invoice. I could not believe it when I dialed the number on a 46 year old bill and you answered the phone. What company keeps a phone number that many years? I remember very little from the original demonstration in my home as i was single and still living at home, but I do remember the sales rep saying to me, “a warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it”. The fact the lid still fits, the company is still there and my lost lid was even under warranty says a lot about a company. Thanks for still being around.
-Susan M.

February 2019
Years ago, the quality of the dutch oven in my cookware probably saved my house from being destroyed by fire. I had left beans on full heat and covered for over 8 hrs on a ceramic cook top. Some smoke eventually did set offthe smoke alarm and the fire dept was called but because the pot was so well sealed and had so many layers of metal, the pan was glowing red but no fire erupted.Some white smoke was all we had.The ceramic cook top shattered as it cooled but the firemen said the pot saved the house as the kitchen would have gone up in flames had the fire not been so well contained.
This stuff is really high quality!
– Mary Butcher

January 2019
I was so happy to find you. I bought my set back in 1956. I am 86 years old now.
I lost my set recently to a house fire.
You can imagine how happy I was not just to find you and then to hear that my cookware is still my warranty will still be honored.
I may not replace the whole set at this point anyways.
Thanks for staying in business all these years.
– Louise Paxton

July 2018
I bought my pans in 1965 I think. I graduated from school in 1966 and we got them before that from a salesman that came door to door. I kept them in my hope chest. I’m 70 yrs old and still using them and they look band new.
I tell my son all the timehow to use them because he will get them when I’m gone.Thanks so much.
– Patti Tumminello

Feb. ’11
Dear Ron, I was searching the web for Vollrath Vacumatic cookware trying to locate handles for a few of my pots and called the number listed. I want to thank you for your professional help. My parents bought my pots May of 1965 and they are still as nice as the day I first used them.
Sincerely Betty
– Mississippi

April 2018
Years ago, the quality of the dutch oven in my cookware probably saved my house from being destroyed by fire.I had left beans on full heat and covered for over 8 hrs on a ceramic cook top.Some smoke eventually did set offthe smoke alarm and the fire dept was called but because the pot was so well sealed and had so many layers of metal,the pan was glowing red but no fire erupted.Some white smoke was all we had.The ceramic cook top shattered as it cooled but the firemen said the pot saved the house as the kitchen would have gone up in flames had the fire not been so well contained.
This stuff is really high quality!
– Mary Butcher

September 2016
Hi Ron:
As I indicated, we purchased the cookware in 1965; we had been married for one year.If I remember correctly it cost us around $700.00.We got everything you could get at that time.As far as I’m concerned, it was the best investment we ever made.The cookware is still in good shape and has been used everyday since purchased.The only issue is the handles.Quite honestly the handles lasted for many many years.Probably in the last ten or so have they begun to need to be replaced, and not all of them, but the ones used most often.I highly recommend this product; no matter what the cost.
And, I am very happy to see that I can replace the handles.
Thank you.
-Sandra Walker Texas

September 2016
Ron just wanted you to know that my mom received the lids and she is delighted that I was able to find them for her.I have to tell you that her pots are almost 50 years old.She bought them from a salesman who went door to door.They were purchased after she came to Canada and they are still in perfect condition. The handles are only just now being replaced only because of heat exposure on her gas stove.My Cook-O-Matic pots were garbage in comparison!
Thank you,
– Lucia


March 2016
Hi Ron,
The cookware really is amazing. Not only can I notice the increased mineral uptake as I detoxify on the cellular level regularly, but what I noticed in a few days and realize more importantly, is that I can notice an even greater decrease in heavy metals in my system. I have a sensitive system. My mental clarity has really increased hence a lot of great things happening. Energy, sleep.I wasn’t looking for this but it happened. Thanks. Brad Peters, Toronto Ontario

My wife and I have used the Vacumatic cookware for 43 years and have been very pleased with their performance. Recently we have had to replace a few handles and found the after sales service excellent. Great products and a good company to deal with.
-David and Janet Manns

August 2016
Sandy from Prairie DuChien

I bought my set while still in high school. My mother thought I was crazy spending 500.00 on cookware and linens.
I was recently making Humming Bird food (water, brown sugar etc.)
The pan was on the burner when my neighbour called me over to help her with something and I forgot the pan was on my gas stove.
I came back 2 hours later and the house was full of black smoke. I crawled underthe smoke to the stove and turned it off. There was a big bubble of foaming goo on the pan that looked like a Jiffy Pop bag that was done, but not one drop of this flammable goo had spilled over or caught fire.
Where I live it takes about 40 minutes for a fire truck to reach me. Had I owned any other pan I would have lost everything. I was also thrilled to find out that the pan has a warranty coverage for fire.
I’m so grateful I invested in quality back then. It saved my home.
– Prairie DuChien

May 2016
This is not a complaint but a letter to let you know that after 40 years, my set of cookware is still just as good as new. Forty years ago, in 1976, I hosted a “dinner” party in Beggs, OK for three additional couples. At the end of the very tasty dinner, all four couples purchased sets cookware and three booked dinner parties. As a result of the successful party, I received additional pieces, including soup pot, bake ware, electric fry pan, and a huge stainless steel bowl. I still use every piece of that cookware today. It has been packed up and traveled to five more addresses. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the person who sold us the cookware nor do I have any of the paperwork. I am just letting you know that you sell a quality product. At the time, we thought it was expensive but when you figure it has lasted 40 years and still going strong, it was cheap.
Thank you
– Norma Jones, Pocahontas, AR


I bought my set in 1974 and everyone, except my mom, thought I was nuts spending over 500 on pots and pans.

I did not use them correctly for many years as I was a teenager when I bought them and didnt remember what the salesman explained to me about how to use them. Then about 20 years ago I found you on the net and bought the cookbook.

Now that I know they are more than just great quality pots and pans, I use the Vacuum method for veggies and stopped using oils to fry in. 

I cant believe how easier it is than boiling. Wish I knew about how to use them for the first 20 years I used them. They would have paid for themselves many time over just by using 75% less electricity. I could not believe I was filling the pot with water to boil and egg. Then found out all I needed wat a wet paper towel.

My mom was right. Some things you should not buy cheap.


Windsor Ontario.

Received the handles the other day and they were a perfect match, including the screws. I removed the old ones, cleaned it up a bit and now it looks like a brand new pan. I can’t thank you and your team enough for still having these parts available for a pan that’s 43 years old. Not many companies can do what you just did for us.
Sincere thanks again.
– Pete and Lin

October 2013
When I was 18 I purchased my cookware from you…which by the way that was 32 years ago & it is still the only set I have ever owned.I take good care of it and it still looks as if it’s about a year old!
Thank You
– Shellie Flynn

October 2012
I have had my set for 51 years. I also bought 2 sets for each daughter. We absolutely love this cookware and I will pass mine on to the oldest granddaughter.
Still use them.
Glad to have found you.
– Nancy MacIntyre

July 2012
We have a full set of Vacumatic stainless steel waterless cook ware that we purchased in late 1971 just prior to our marriage . We have used it almost daily and have been thoroughly pleased, one of the best purchases we ever made . We still use it regularly and it’s still in good shape.
-Larry Cartier

June 2012
Thank you very much for helping me with purchasing set of knives and Cookware! I am very pleased with the service you provided, with the price, and your knowledge about the products. The transaction went very smooth and I received my purchase very fast. I would also like to thank you for the help with the registration of the purchased products.
I will definitely recommend your site and you, personally, to my friends and family.
-Vera Girenko, Colorado

April ’11
Back in 1975 we were a young couple just starting out trying to live on a buck sargent’s pay when this door to door salesman came to our apartment selling pots and pans. My husband invited him in and we listened to his sales pitch. I was furious with my husband when he spent $1000.00 of our savings to buy a set of the surgical steel, stackable cookware! I did at least get to decide if the bottom would be copper or plain. I hate polishing copper so we went with plain. It was a huge set of cookware. It even came with three graduated mixing bowls and cake pans!

36 years later there is not a day that goes by that I am not exceptionally glad that my husband was “suckered into” buying that cookware from a door to door salesman. Over the years people have permanently borrowed some of the set, much to my chagrin, and a few pot handles and lid handles needed to be screwed back on tight but I have loved that cookware since day one. I burned plenty of meals in my day, and one time it was so bad that everyone was sure I would have to throw the pot away. It took a good week of soaking and scrubbing but that pot looks better than a lot of the new pots my kids have. I bet a lot of other cookware manufacturers hated you in the day!
Best investment we ever made.
-Diane Berthelot

March ’11
I have owned my cookware since I was 18 and love it. It was 1966. I wondered if I could get a catalog to order pieces direct from you.
Also I do not have an instruction book so I may never have used it correctly.
But it is still wonderful. Thank You for your time.
– Pam White , VA

March 2010
I have owned my vacumatic cookware for 43 years. I have tried varies other cookware over these years (including the fancy Frency stuff) and nothing compares. When I was in law school (nights), I only had the short time between work and school to prepare dinner for myself and my daughter. Happily, I put rice in the pot, chicken on top, and broccoli (or other vegetable) on top: presto, dinner within 30 minutes!When I was first paying for my cookware, my brother even made payments for me when I was unemployed. I was reminded tonight of the great value of this product when I cooked very tender beef/tomato sauce stovetop in less than half the time it might have taken otherwise. Thank you for continuing manufacture of this wonderful product. I’ve tried to spread the word, but people really don’t believe what a wonderful product this it.
Thanks again.
– Helen Page

Jan. 2010
In 1967 my Mother started monthly payments on what I believe to be a “23 Piece Master Chef Set” (Vacumatic is stamped on the bottom). I got married in December of that year and as part of my wedding gifts she gave me the set — and the monthly payment book. At the time, it seemed like a lot of money to pay for pots and pans. Over time I’ve learned what a bargain I got! After 42 years of continual use they still serve us well. I do need one or two repairs to handles and will work on getting those fixed through this site soon. The only piece that I’ve lost over the years is my smallest saucepan. When my daughter moved away to her own home and was setting up her kitchen she asked if she could have that to take with her. It hurt to let it go, but I did give in. I still miss it! May have to check to see if that one piece can be purchased to make my set complete again. Thanks for a quality product!
– Linda Pearce, North Carolina

Jan. 2010
Ron, I received the pans this afternoon! I am so happy! They are beautiful. I have them all washed up and ready to go. Unfortunately I work evenings so I was unable to use them. I was so excited to get them. Thank you again! They look so similar to what I already have. The handle on the lids have the same look with the exception of being a little higher to accommodate the whistle. I can’t wait to try it! I didn’t expect them so soon.
Thank you!
– Mary

Jan. 2010
I am looking for a replacement set for the Vollrath pots and pans which we purchased in the mid 70s and have used extensively since then. The quality and workmanship were exceptional so we would like to find the successors to that line. Any information and pricing which you can provide on the 11 Piece set would be greatly appreciated.
Warmest regards,
– Bill Mansfield

My wife purchased a set of Vacumatic pots many years ago. First of all let me say that I thought she was crazy for spending that much for cookware at the time, however after 25 years I realize you really do get what you pay for.
I would not hesitate to recommend or purchase more Vacumatic products in future.
– Tim Hammerli

My wife purchased a set of Vacumatic pots many years ago. First of all let me say that I thought she was crazy for spending that much for cookware at the time, however after 25 years I realize you really do get what you pay for.
I would not hesitate to recommend or purchase more Vacumatic products in future.
– Tim Hammerli

I purchased the set in 1964! I love my waterless cookware and have used it everyday since the pots arrived!
Boy, these pans have been great! If I got out the SST polish the pans would look new (except the handles do show wear and are no longer shiny).
– Valerie Gray

I bought my set 40 years ago, and a few years ago I left some potatoes on the stove and forgot them. I smelt the smoke a when I got to the kitchen they were burnt to a crisp. My husband was sleeping so I wanted to put the pot outside before the smoke alarm went off. Without thinking I put the pot down to open the back patio door and the pot melted the carpet and stuck to the bottom. I thought the pot would be done for sure but a friend of mine took it home and sprayed some WD40 on the bottom and inside. The carpet popped off and the three inches thick of burnt potatoes came out in one piece. I was amazed. The pot still looks like it did before and I still use it.
– Jill in Orleans Ontario

“Hi Ron: My name is Brenda & I bought your waterless cookware from a door to door salesman in Edmonton Alberta in 1982. At that time I was single & living with room mates who thought that I was crazy to spend that much money on cookware ($1000.00, a lot of money at that time). Today 26 years later I am married & use my cookware regularly. It pretty much looks the same as the day I bought it & works beautifully! I also got a set of crystal as a “gift with purchase” & still have the whole set & use it too! I was pleasantly surprised to find your website & see that you were still in business, because of the quality of the cookware I have never needed to contact the company so have never looked for you before. I was cleaning out some old files & found the paperwork & decided to see if your company was still around & here you are! I just wanted to let you know that I for one am a happy customer & wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your product to friends!
Thank you,
– Brenda Scorah ” LL

Mr Geyer
Thank-you for your prompt placement of my handle replacement order, I appreciate it. These really are pans that are purchased for a lifetime and warrant the highest recommendation anyone could possibly make.
– Pat Egerton, Virginia

Lucie Segoin
First purchased in 1972. I still own it and am totally satisfied. Great product, excellent service and great selection.

D. Ayliffe
Thanks for your help with everything. As for that testimonial…
I’ve owned my Vacumatic cookware set for 30 years and have often boasted about having the greatest pots and pans one could find.
However, I never dreamt they could conceivably avert a near disaster.
One busy Sunday, in a preoccupied moment, I left the house for 1 and ½ hours with something cooking on my gas stove in a Vacumatic 2-quart saucepan. Getting out of my van on my return home, I could hear the smoke detectors going off. In fear, I opened the door expecting flames. Instead, I could see some smoke, and I could certainly smell it. Racing in, I found the contents in the pot burnt to a crisp and smoke rising from it. Except for charred food around the inside and some blackness on the outside bottom, the saucepan itself appeared to be fine. I have no doubt a lesser quality pot would have easily burnt through the bottom, possibly resulting in the handle meeting the flame and who knows what from there.
I still can’t believe it. Nor can my friends and family when I show them the saucepan. What a lifesaver!
D. Ayliffe
– Newmarket , Ontario

My fry pan from 40 years ago warped and now that I had a new flat glass type stove top it was spinning. I called Vacumatic and was upset that they didn’t replace it for free. I thought it was covered under the 50-year warranty but the girl said that warping falls under the “ Full Hazard Warranty”.
Under this warrantee they only replaced it for half price. The new 7-ply pan seems to be twice as thick and so far so good. I suppose I should just be grateful that they’re still around after 40 years.
– Mary Ellen Goyette, Ottawa

My Wife purchased her Vacumatic Cookware 2/23/1966 and is going into her 43rd. year of cooking with this wonderful cookware. The extra heavy triple thick stainless steel shows no warping or major discoloration.
– Richard Kresnicka

February 2008
Hi Ron, I was searching the web for Vacumatic Cookware, trying to find replacement short side handles for a couple of my pots. This was when I stumbled onto your site. I never knew to contact American Waterless Cookware. I only knew to look for Vacumatic, because it’s written under my cookware.
I was on my first job after finishing Nursing School when I saw a notice that a salesperson was doing demonstrations on this “waterless” cookware in the dietary department. I decided to see the demonstration and well, needless to say, I was sold. This was my first major purchase. I don’t remember exactly how much, but they were quite costly and they threw in a set of China, white with platinum edges. I still have those too.

With the exception of a couple of broken side handles, my cookware still looks and cooks like new. My china set is still beautiful also.
When my husband and I married, we received another set of “really nice”, other name brand cookware from other nurses and doctors I worked with. Not many knew I had spent so much money on this other set. A couple of my friends, also new nurses had said it was really stupid to pay so much money for this cookware. Well, I still have these and the other set has been long gone.

I’m still really close to a few of my friends from back then and they can’t believe that the entire set still looks like new.
I have had this cookware for 40+ years and plan to pass it on to my daughter in maybe another 40 years or so when I’m finished with it.
I am truly glad I made such a wise choice so many years ago.
Love my Vacumatic Cookware!
– Jackie in Brazoria, Texas

Hi! My name is Kelly Cattell. I purchased a set of pots and pans 25 some years ago and have nothing but great comments about the set I purchased. I remember my mom thinking I was crazy because I purchased them when I was 17 years old and I put them in my hope chest. I also chose the set over purchasing a car!! I was married when I was 20 years old and it was so nice to have a good set of pots, they have been absolutely the best.
– Kelly Cattell

Excellent cookware. 31 years old and I don’t think they will ever wear out.
– Debbie Corkery

Love all the products. Great service, great sales and nice people.
– Cathy Doyle

My set is 41 years old this august. It is great to be getting such great service after all these years.
– Lynne Morris

I bought my first set in ’76 for a gift and bought my second set in ’92 for ourselves. We really enjoy cooking with them.
– Saralee Smyth

My set was purchased 42 years ago and has survived 37 years of marriage and 2 kids and many preparations for dinner parties. We’re pleased that we still can get service and parts.
– Marguerite Evans

My first order was made 31 years ago and I have enjoyed using these products. This is my 17th order with no regrets. Good products and good service.
– Francine Ryan

My husband bought the Vacumatic cookware in 1967 and took it with him when he divorced his first wife. Boy am I glad I met him so I could get introduced to Vacumatic. Love at first sight.
– Diane Jodouin

I have finally met a representative from American Waterless Cookware. Didn’t think the company was still out there. I’ve enjoyed my products – how they last! Thanks and I’ll be a customer for a long time to come.
– Andrea Saulnies

Had my Vacumatic pots for 33 years and still look brand new. Wouldn’t cook without them.
– Kathy Hooks

I bought my Vacumatic cookware about 36 years ago. It has lasted very well and still looks like the day I bought it.
– A.L. Jette

I have had my pots for 30 years now and they are the best investment I have ever made! I have even successfully made the pineapple upside down cake – it was great.
– Melanie Burston

Thank goodness I bought my pots and china before I got married – because when I got divorced they were still mine!
– Joanne Hayes

After using these pots for 44 years they look like new. I would never change them for any other type of cookware because everything turns out well each time I cook. When I bought them at 20, I really couldn’t afford the price – but now I couldn’t afford to do without them.
The best!
– Susan Waters

I bought my cookware in 1975. They still look like new. They clean up really well with little effort. Cooking food in them is great.
– Cherie Ouellette

Bought my cookware 36 years ago. I loved them so much that when it was stolen in a break – in, I bought it again. I also took this opportunity to add to my china. Thanks again.
– Judy Carroll

I bought my cookware and china in 1975. I have never bought or used any other products. I love them and I can honestly say I believe in Vacumatic and you will too. I’m not yet 50 years old. I was smart to buy them when I was young.
– Maureen Cohan

I bought my Vacumatic cookware in 1971. They are great. Ron Geyer brought me new handle for my pots and pans today and I told him my story of my eggs. I was cooking two eggs in one of my pots in water. I forgot about them and so the water ran out about a half hour later.
I was upstairs getting ready for work (about 7:00 am) when all of a sudden there was a big bang in the house. I ran downstairs and saw that the 2 eggs had literally jumped out of the pot and exploded into smithereens – all over the walls, curtains, stove floor and ceiling. They had literally hit the ceiling side by side. Considering all this, my pot is still in great condition!
– Mary Jane Duquette

I have managed to find your website by searching on Vacumatic . I have a set of cookware my parents bought me in 1967 from a local sales lady that came to your home and performed demonstrations. I have used my cookware almost every day since then and they still look great and still have that “magic” vacuum when the lid is put on right. The only difficulty is that some handles need replacing. I live in Chatham between Windsor and London and would like to know if there is a vendor close by that I could take my cookware to be fixed. My cookware still works great and I don’t want to replace them with a new set. Can you help me please?
– S.Payette

I bought my cookware and china 45 years ago. Looks brand new – just had handles replaced.
– Mary Tuck

Sandy Jackson
I began my first full-time job in 1967 and I purchased (I believe 1968) the 23 piece set. I don’t remember what I paid, I only remember it was a large sum of money for pots and pans at that time. I have been cooking in these pots for 37 years and they look as good as the day I bought them. (I’m attaching a couple of pics).
I am thrilled to find your website to be able to get a new handle. Your product is supreme. Back in 1968 I tried to convince my girlfriend to buy the same set but she said she couldn’t afford it. Well, at least six sets of pots and pans later she said she wished she had taken my advice! I look forward to hearing from you about the handle and thank you for your time.
– A very loyal customer Sandy Jackson Windsor, Ontario

Well, I must say that I am more than pleasantly surprised! I didn’t expect that the company would still be around after so long, and I thought that I’d take a chance and give Vacumatic a Google. Ta-da! I purchased my set of cookware in 1981 or 1982, when I was 17 years old. I have used them with pleasure since then, and have nothing but good things to say about the line (if I can ever be an advocate!). What I am needing is a replacement piece for one of the saucepan lids, as I can’t mend the one I have any longer. I am tickled just to see that you are still around! Yay! So, on that note, I am off to check out the site further – might need that double boiler…
Yours Sincerely,
– Maurine McVicar

Hello, …. Here’s a great story for you! (Sept.’06)
When my daughter was 2 (in 1964), a door-to-door salesman rang my doorbell, and pitched your cookware set. From looking at your website, I believe it was either a 19- or 23-piece set. If I bought the cookware, a set of china, service for 8, was thrown in for free. And if I bought the completer set (platters, gravy dishes, sugar/creamer, etc.), matching stainless steel flatware and crystal (both service for 8)
was thrown in for free. To make a long story short, I think I paid $23.85 a month for quite a while.
My daughter now has the china. The crystal pretty much got broken. The flatware is missing many pieces. But that cookware has lasted all this time, and is only a bit scratched, but I only had one needed repair – the handle on the lid to the dutch oven came off and my brother-in-law had to fix it for me (this was within the last couple of years). It still cleans up remarkably well with a little Scotch-Brite on the inside and bottom, and I clean the shiny outside with a past of flour and vinegar and buff to a bright shine.
Needless to say, I have never regretted my purchase! You guys make a terrific product, and I expect my daughter to use it for over 40 years after she gets it, which I hope will be many years from now.
So, 40 years after the fact, I want to thank you for making such a fine set of cookware.
– Sincerely, Mikey Kerns, Payson, Arizona

Nov. ’06
I purchased my Vacumatic cookware forty years ago in Kansas City MO right after I graduated from TWA flight attendant school. The gentleman who sold the set to me said that it was guaranteed for life. I noted on your web site that you are still in business and selling pots and pans that look just like mine.
I would be most amazed and delighted if you would honor the promise that the handsome young gentleman salesman made some forty years ago and replace my small frying pan.
Thank you for your consideration,
– Judy Marsalis

January 23, 2007
Ballwin MO
In 1968 I purchased my ‘ first ‘ set of Vacumatic cookware, the19 piece set. That was also the year that I purchased my ‘ last ‘ set of cookware.
The very large salesman that I purchased from stood on the pans to prove their endurance.
39 years, 1 husband and 3 kids later I still use that same Vacumatic cookware everyday. Because the years have taken their toll on some of the handles, I was delighted to discover that I could still replace the handles.
As a young secretary in the sixties, the initial investment seemed enormous. Almost 4 decades later I appreciate the value of quality and am delighted that Vacumatic not only ‘stand’ on their products, they also ‘stand by’ their products.
Yours truly,
– Cathy Macrae

We are still using the set of pans my wife bought when we were first married almost 39 years ago. We need to purchase new handles for the 8 Quart pan. We cannot believe how these pans have held up over the years. They are the best.
Thank You
– Richard Buckmaster

We have been using your pans for over 35 years. They are in excellent shape.
When my wife was doing the dishes and while I was behind my computer I ‘Googled’ your company name.
All is well in our Vacumatic product home.
-Jack van der Laan

April ’07
Dear Sir/Madame
Buying my American Waterless Cookware from you nearly 32 years ago was one of the smartest investments I have ever made. Growing up, I was always surrounded by the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread, steaming robust stews and soups along with many other wonderful gastronomical memories that my mother so lovingly did day after day.
A friend of mine became a salesman for the company when I was 18 years old. I invited him over to let him practice his sales pitch so he could brush-up on his marketing skills. It was not my intention to make any such purchase for I was still just a teenager but the product sold itself to my mother and I without a blink.
The grand package I purchased cost me somewhere around $850.00 CAD and it included 5 saucepans and lids, electric frying pan, double-boiler pot, steamer and masher along with the 3 and 6 egg poacher and tongs. A four piece, 4 setting Pirouette china set was included as a free bonus. In a blink, 32 years of happily cooking with my waterless cookware has past creating some of those same memories for my two grown girls.

My own girls are now 20 and 23 years of age and I constantly remind them of the benefits of buying quality cookware. They also like to spend time in the kitchen creating scrumptious dishes to eat. My mother gave me sound advice 32 years ago and I have the same intentions for my girls.
– Patricia Hushagen Edmonton, Alberta

Ron was my representative in 1981 when I bought my starter set from him. I could ill afford it, but I decided quality is what I want and he was so cute and I wanted to own something that would last a life time, as he said, so I got my set. Because I could barely afford it, it ended up including crystalware, and a set of flatware. A part of the flatware is in use everyday, most of it is only out on special occasions, but there is barely difference between the everyday set and the packaged set. The glasswere is still around, and I have even give it away as gifts, it was that lovely.
As for the pots and pans, I have never had reason to regret my purchase. I have bought other pots (not Vacumatic) to supplement the starter set, but I have had to replace those. Well, I will never have to replace my original set, and I may even pass it on to the girls in my family.
I tell eveyone who will listen that this Waterless Cookware is the one and only set you will ever need, in your lifetime.
– Sonja Vanek

Ron Geyer

My set from 1977
I started selling for the company in 1977. I enjoyed it, as eventually most of my sales came from my satisfied client base. I bought my set then for only 549.00. That was actually a lot of money back then.

Above is a picture of my set that I still use every day. All of my thousands of clients still have their cookware and in all these year not one has ever said they were not satisfied.

Over 5 million people have invested in Vacumatic Cookware and you will not find one single complaint on the internet. We are very proud of that.

Today the cookware is not cheap, but we would rather apologies for price once than for quality forever.

With a full 50 year warranty this is truly a lifetime investment.

If you want to talk to me personally about the set feel free to call me any time.

Ron Geyer President

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