Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis


System Features:

The Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System utilizes the Zero-Waste RO Technology . Reverse Osmosis technology is generally considered the most effective and practical way to provide safe drinking water. With conventional RO systems, however, the ratio between water that’s rejected by the membrane and usable water may typically be three to one in residential installations.

With our Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems utilizing Zero-Waste technology, there is no wasted water because water that is rejected by the RO membrane is sent to the hot water pipe using a booster pump, allowing all the water to be utilized. For this reason, Zero-Waste systems are 100% efficient!

A small PC board controls the booster pump by determining the position of the automatic shut off valve. The pump also acts as a booster pump in low incoming pressure applications, serving a dual purpose. The transformer is available in both 110 volt, or 220 volt.

Add the Enalka remineralizing module to the system to raise the pH to 7.3.