Vacumatic Waterless Cookware

The world’s most expensive cookware now at factory prices!

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What is Vacumatic Cookware?

Vacumatic is a process of cooking your vegetables in a vacuum vapor.

Other methods, such as steaming, boiling or Microwaving all bring the foods to 100 Celsius / 212 Fahrenheit, which is the temperature where the vitamins, minerals and nutritional goodness break down. When cooking in a vacuum vapor the temperature does not exceed 74 Celsius / 165 Fahrenheit, therefore retaining 98% of all the natural vitamins, minerals, colour and taste.

Without features such as the vapor seal, vac-control valve, heat conducting inner core that extends up the side your cookware, you cannot cook the proper Vacumatic Waterless way. This heat conducting inner core also offers energy savings, up to 70%, virtually paying for the cookware in a few years.

Other cookware companies such as Saladmaster will make claims of retaining all the vitamins but in reality, the old fashioned Waterless method is simply steaming your vegetables and steam is the same temperature as boiling water.


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    List of special features with Vacumatic cookware:
  • Highest quality 316-T surgical stainless steel with Titanium
  • Special ‘Whistle Vent’ to notify you when to turn off the heat
  • Only use a fraction of electricity, saving you over 70% on hydro
  • Retains vitamins, minerals, natural colour, flavors and taste
  • Built to last a lifetime. Full 50 year warranty
  • No oils or fats needed for frying
  • Full 7-ply construction along bottom and up the sides
  • Wipes clean with just warm soapy water
  • Replaceable Bakelite handles
  • Can ‘Stack Cook’. Self storing lids
  • Many, many more.

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