Once you have become a client you can sign up with American Waterless Cookware to receive a special code that will allow you another 20% off the already low sale price on any products you purchase directly from our web site.

You can also receive free products by referring clients to us. We pay a generous referral fee. Either 5% cash or 10% in products.

We also have a promotion on where you can get double the discount in free products. For example, if the discount on a water purifier is $200.00, you can opt for $400.00 in free products. This could be for extra cartridges or any other product from our web site.

For more details on this or to get your coupon code call any time at 1-877-523-7800

You can also register to be notified about future specials and clear outs.



If you bought our cookware years ago and want to pass on your old set and treat yourself to some new pieces, you will love the special deal we have put together for past clients.

Click HERE for all the details.