Handle and Knob Replacements

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No matter how long ago you bought your Waterless cookware, we should be able to match up your handles.
Over the last 60 years there have been many styles of cookware, and we stock about ten different styles of handles.

Please note that if you are looking for handles for AMERICAN COOKWARE, this is not us and we do not have the handles for this cookware. We can, however, supply a lid vent knob that will fit. Click HERE.

Click HERE for info on the cookware called American Cookware.

We apologize for the high cost of cookware handles. If they were plastic from China, they would be about $1.50, but as they are solid Bakelite made in the USA, they are built to last and therefore cost more.

However there is a way to get them FREE!

Should you see something on our web site that interests you, we could provide the handle replacements free with most purchases.
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If you are a past client and would like to pass on your set to your kids and treat yourself to a new set, we have an offer you will find hard to believe. Click HERE for more details.

Replacement screw for the cookware short or long handle:

There are 3 different size screws.
The ones that are larger, for handle like the Vital Nutrition are 1/4 wide at the threaded end.
Please specify the screw size when ordering. Or email an image as in the image below.