Thank you for joining our team of wholesale distributors. We are looking forward to contacting you about some of the many things we can do to help you succeed with our company.

To get you to a quick start you can go to this page to download flyers, brochures, sales tools and price lists.

Click HERE

Once you are logged in you can go directly to a product by clicking the ‘Product’ tab on the top and scrolling down to the product you want. Then when you click on to an item you will see the wholesale price, however, this is the price for one item. If you are looking purchase more than one item at a time it would be cheaper to call us to see which discount you qualify for. For example, if you were buying a Vacumatic 2 quart saucepan your discount is 50%, but if you bought this with a set your discount increases to up to 63%.
We will be sending you an email shortly with some flyers with your contact info printed on them.

Should you require samples it would be best to write or call as these are sold about 10% below wholesale. With samples, we also will include more flyers and product DVD’s.

Looking forward to working with you.
Sincerely, Ron Geyer – American Waterless Cookware