RO systems vs our 6 Stage washable ceramics

A reverse Osmosis water purifier should only be considered if you have a salt softener.

Otherwise, it is overkill.
The water from an RO system is actually too clean. When drinking water stripped of all natural minerals the pH level is far too low. Drinking acidic RO water can lead to a very long list of health problems.

    Besides the initial cost, (299.00 vs 800.00), there are many reasons why our 6 stage washable ceramic is a better choice.

  • Takes up only 3 inches of space vs half the area under your sink for the 6 separate housings and holding tank.
  • RO water waists on average 4 to 6 liters down the drain to make one. With ours there is zero waist.
  • RO systems require replacement of 5 to 6 cartridges vs just the one.
  • Very difficult to replace RO cartridges as they need individual flushing vs replacing just the one cartridge.
  • To remove the RO membrane you have to remove all the hoses to remove the hosing then need a special wrench to open it which is never supplied with the unit.
  • Never can tell when an RO water cartridge needs replacing as ours can be seen by the color and the flowrate
  • Over 20 plastic connectors for hoses which all can start to leak in time. Where we have just two made of lead free brass with icemaker flex hoses. No chance of flooding your kitchen and basement.
  • RO water tastes bland and empty as it is devoid of all minerals. Even Cokes Dasani bottled water says ‘Remineralized RO water’. Our water has a sweet taste like spring water as the system even increases the pH level.
  • RO water is limited to the volume in the holding tank. A larger family could often just run out. Our purifiers flows with pure water constantly with no need for a tank. (over 20 times the flow rate)
  • RO systems use 1/4″ plastic flex hose lines that in time calcify and become brittle and can crack and leak. Our hoses are braided Ice-maker flex hoses that can never burst or leak.
  • RO systems do not remove bacteria where our units trap and kill all forms of bacteria and microbes right on the ceramic surface.

If you have a salt softener, I recommend running a line to the kitchen from before the softener then using the 6 stage ceramic to purify your water. Well, lake or river water though this system will give you the best possible drinking water.