How to eliminate Dust Mites from your home

What’s in house dust that’s so bad?

Dust mites, Dust mite fecal pellets, Mold Spores, Pollen, Shed skin cells and Pet dander.

What are dust mites doing in my house?

They’re living in upholstery, mattresses, pillows and carpets. They feed on shed human skin! Each one produces approximately 20 fecal pellet each day, and females lay 25 to 50 eggs every three weeks.

This is a Dust Mite

How many live in my home?

The population of dust mites increase and decrease with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, but the average mattress is host to around 2 million of them!

What can I do?

Scientific studies of dust-allergic patients have shown that taking steps to minimize dust exposure in your indoor air environment leads to a decrease in allergic symptoms and a decrease in medication requirements.

  1. Wash all of your sheets and blankets 1-2 times a week in HOT water to kill the dust mites and remove the dust mite allergen from your bedding. Dry your clothes on the setting that you normally use.
  2. Vacuum often! At least 2 times per week with a High Quality HEPA Vacuum Cleaner that is sealed so dust and allergens cannot blow through the vacuum cleaners case or around the HEPA filter.Note: Many lower quality HEPA vacuum cleaners leak lots of dust mite allergens and dusty air right through the case of the machine only to blow back into your indoor environment. These vacuum cleaners are not properly sealed!
  3. Use Quality air cleaners in any occupied room or open space where people with allergies live or work in.Stay away from the small, inexpensive lower quality HEPA air cleaners you will find in department stores. This is because these air cleaners will provide a very low air exchange rate per hour even in a small bedroom which will not be powerful enough to do a good job. Also, these lower quality air cleaners may cost less money up front, but the future filter replacement costs can be HUGE! Purchasing a high quality air cleaner is the way to go! This is because a high quality air cleaner can save you many hundreds of dollars in future filter replacement costs in only a few years while doing a much better job of cleaning your air.
  4. Replace your 5% efficient disposable A/C or heating filter for a cleanable/washable 90% efficient self charging electrostatic air filter. These higher quality air filters will last for many years while stopping a great deal of free flowing air borne Dust Mite allergen and other allergens from reentering back into you’re A/C or heating system’s ductwork to blow back into your living air space.

    Take and utilize these allergy control measures to greatly reduce the Dust Mite allergen and other allergens in your home or office!