Best Air Purifiers on a Budget

I. Introduction

If your doctor or a friend has just told you that you or your child needs an air purifier, you probably jumped online in search of a cost effective unit. Only then did you discover the dizzying array of makes and models, and varieties of cleaning technologies. It is important to understand that one of the reason there are so many units is because they perform different functions and attack problems differently. There is no perfect or best unit – but there are models that may best suit your particular application perfectly and cost effectively. One of the first things our callers often say is: “I want a model with washable filters so I don’t have to buy new filters.” The barrage of advertising for Sharper Image’s Ionic Breeze (which is rated “disappointing at best”), has left the impression that units with filters are costly. The truth is that air purifiers which require replacement filters may cost more over the long run. The other significant truth is that if you don’t buy the best air purifiers which will solve your problem and continue to do so, on an ongoing basis, you’ve wasted your money and still have the problem.

II. The Best Air Purifiers at the Best Price

Air cleaners with washable filters are typically great for absorbing larger particles such as dust. They are not particularly good at absorbing microscopic pollens, mold spores, chemicals, odors, bacteria, or viruses. Those toxins are better absorbed by technologies such as HEPA (which stands for “high energy particulate arresting” an acronym coined by the U.S. government). However, the adsorption capability of true HEPA air purifiers is recommended by a very broad range of asthma and allergy doctors.

At BelKraft, we offer both. The highly rated Nutri-Tech works great in absorbing dust and heavier particulate. The other huge consideration in choosing a model with washable filters is that… (drum roll please), you have to WASH them. Busy families have a difficult time adding one more item to service to their schedules. Retired persons, for example, do much better with washable filters. If you don’t clean them regularly, they won’t work and once again you’ve spent money without buying a solution. The best air purifiers at the best price is the one that will solve your problem and will require a degree of maintenance that you can handle.

III. Other Considerations in Choosing the Best Air Purifiers

Look at your living space and decide where you primarily spend your time. Your sleeping area is essential in the process of cleaning your home. We recommend you first consider the best air purifiers for your bedroom. The human respiratory system slows down during sleep and sometimes cannot handle the indoor pollution at night that it can handle during the day. With a bedroom air purifier, your body has an opportunity to breathe clean airflow for several hours and you will wake up less congested and more refreshed. If you only want to buy one unit and you want it to be big enough to clean a larger room, you can always roll it into your bedroom at night.

Most people do not realize that the best air purifiers are built to run 24 hours per day. With this in mind you can easily clean your living area during the day and your bedroom at night. Other options include a smaller unit for your bedroom and something more robust for your living room/ family room area. Air purifiers do not go around corners and down hallways to clean individual rooms. (Unless they clean by ozone generation technology). To choose an air purifier, you need to measure the room in which it will be placed and determine the square footage. Generally it’s better to buy one that cleans slightly more square footage than you have so you can run it on the lower (thus quieter) speeds.

The other important thing to ask yourself is “what is the problem I’m having and what am I trying to clean up?” Is something causing your allergy or asthma problems, do you have chemical sensitivity, are you bothered by smoke from tobacco or a woodstove and is it the odor or the particulate that you’re concerned about? Are you concerned with mold inhalation, do you simply want a super clean room for your baby, etc.? The more you think through exactly what you hope to accomplish through the purchase and use of air purifiers, the more likely you are to buy the one that will best serve your needs.

IV. Conclusion

Do not assume that the best air purifiers have washable filters until you clearly understand what the problem you are solving is and which technology is best suited to remedy it. Consider your schedule and willingness to use a high maintenance air purifier. If you want to turn the air purifier on and forget it, consider the Nutri-Tech air purifiers. The higher quality air purifiers offer multiple year guarantees, even up to ten years in some cases. It will be more cost effective to buy one good one than to buy a cheaper model every year at your local home improvement store.