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Payment Schedule

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You can choose from three payment plans.


We have in-house financing. With a deposit you can make 12 monthly installments interest free.


For our Canadian clients we have financing through Medicard on orders from 500.00 up to 17.000.00 with very competitive interest rates and payment plans up to 5 years.


We also have a plan called 'Deliver On Request'. This is a form of layaway where you can make small interest free monthly installments for up to three years. You are also protected against any price increases as long as you are making installments in accordance to the agreement.


Water Filter Canada paymrnt plan option


We are working towards a completely self-contained, hassle-free e-commerce site. In the meantime, please call 1-877-523-7800 (toll free) or e-mail now to order or inquire into price or other information regarding this item (refer to the item in your subject line).


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For more information or to place an order call 1-877-523-7800 or write to info@american waterlesscookware.com


We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.