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The American Waterless Cookware and Water Filter NO SALT water softener is environmentally friendly as no chemicals or water softening salts are used at anytime which reduces the water contamination in the environment.

The important health advantages of the calcium and magnesium remain intact and are available in your body for nutrition.

Since the
AWC and WF NO SALT water softener doesn't use water softening salt of any kind, it reduces the sodium in your family's diet.

NO SALT water softener will soften your household water in either cold or hot water, the small calcium crystals are rinsed away by the water flow.

The NO SALT water softener is a revolutionary technological advancement for the treatment of hard water that converts water hardness minerals into calcium crystals from positive ions. These calcium crystals are neutral and cannot stick to any surfaces, thus eliminating calcium buildup in household appliances, plumbing fixtures and piping systems in your home.


  • no water softening salt to purchase
  • no electrical cost
  • no operating cost
  • essential body nutrients in your water remain intact
  • environmentally friendly, no chemicals or salt required

How it Works

The NO SALT water softener operates as follows:

The water flows into the
SOFT-TEC no salt water softener through a stainless-steel flow restricter so that the flow-rate does not exceed the system design.

As the water enters into the SOFT-TEC system, the piping must be plumbed in on the up-flow side, as the water must flow through the complete catalytic resin bed for up flow activity to take place. The calcium and magnesium go through an instant crystallization process that creates calcium and magnesium crystals that are released when they reach the size of a nanometer and flow through the plumbing system.

This process happens in less than a fraction of a second, also the calcium and magnesium becomes neutral from positive ions and can no longer stick to any surfaces.

As the water flows through the household plumbing system, all calcium and magnesium build-up that exists prior to the installation of the 'NO SALT water softener' will be removed as the water flows through the piping.

The NO SALT water softener provides a protective layer that prevents any calcium build-up returning in the same way that a traditional water softener operates.

As the water enters the dishwasher, all glasses and dishes will come out sparkling clean, and the clothes washing machine will see bright clean laundry.

When you shower you won't get the slippery feeling. All the minerals stay in the water, but the negative aspects of calcium have been eliminated while keeping all the nutritional value in your water supply.

SOFT-TEC media has a natural oxidizer that precipitates iron from your water, therefore an iron filter will be required to eliminate staining. In the event that you have chlorine in your water, a carbon filter will be needed to remove the chlorine.

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