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American Cookware


If you bought a set of cookware called American Cookware we are sorry to inform you that this was not us.


Our American made cookware is called Vacumatic. It is manufactured in Tennessee


The cookware called American Cookware is actually from China and the company that sold it gave people the impression that it was American made.


The number for this company is 205-979-9500 or 205-978-0603


You should know that this inferior cookware will in time crack and corrode.


American Cookware warranty


This is a picture of a pan someone sent us showing a crack down the side and pitting on the inside. From the 5 million plus people who have invested into our Vacumatic cookware not one has ever has a pot crack or corrode. See the info below on the hazards of metal oxides due to corrosion.


American cookware 5 element


Many people have called us for handle and knob replacements. Plastic handles will in time fall apart. The handles on our Vacumatic are made of a high quality Bakelight which is oven proof.


We do however have knobs that will fit. see below.


If this is what is written on the bottom of your cookware I'm sorry to say you did not buy an American made product.


Base of American Cookware



We have a line of cookware where the knobs will fit and are available for purchase.


american cookware knob


These are whistle vents and do fit the lids.


You can order them by calling us or with PayPal.

The cost of these knobs are 22.00 each.


The part number for this knob is 10-22526-77






Unfortunately we do not have any side handles that will fit.


Our company will be happy to replace any piece of your cookware at up to 62% off retail. The Vacumatic is considered the best quality cookware made in all of the USA.


For questions or to order a replacement call 1-877-523-7800



You may be able to reach the original company called American Cookware at this number;

205-979-9500 or 205-978-0603




Toxic Cookware and Cutlery


Green Cookware and Cutlery: Is It Really?

Don’t be seduced by advertisements for “green” and/or nonstick cookware. Their nontoxic claims are most likely fraudulent. Below are the three types of cookware to NOT have in your kitchen. And don’t despair; there are safe, non-reactive alternatives.

1. Ceramic Coated Pans and Knives To make the so-called ceramic coatings, a chemically based polymer is melded onto an anodized metal surface. As these synthetic, plastic-like coatings are softer than metal, you can imagine what will happen. With normal use the polymer degrades. The life expectancy of a nonstick ceramic-coated pot or knife is about one year. Once the synthetic coating wears thin, pits or scratches, toxic metals like lead and cadmium can leach into foodstuffs. And the coating itself may contain toxic metals like arsenic.


My recommendation: Do NOT use ceramic-coated cookware. However, superior 100% ceramic cookware is non reactive; furthermore it withstands erosion and temperatures exceeding 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Also see Healthy CookwareFood Tastes Best when Cooked in Clay; and 100% Ceramic: A Great Choice for Cookware.

2. Non-stick cookware is coated with a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene. The best known brand name is Teflon by DuPont If heated to 500 degrees Fahrenheit the polymers emit noxious fumes that are lethal to parakeets and certainly not healthy for humans. Once overheated, the coating starts to break down at the molecular level and toxic particles and gases, some of them carcinogenic, can be released.


So long before the pan is scratched, if it gets overheated, it’s reactive. Even though I never intend to boil a pot dry, I did so just last week. Had that pot been nonstick, its temperatures would have exceeded the safety limit. And don’t be fooled by Swiss Diamond Cookware; the polymer used to make it is PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene); the same toxic chemical that in Teflon.

3. Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, and Cast Aluminum cookware are reactive and taint your food with aluminum. When ingested, aluminum is deposited in various bodily tissues and can cause illness and even death; it’s also a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease.

When new, an anodized aluminum pot is fairly non-reactive; however, with use the surface predictably chips, peels and/or gets scratched. It’s then reactive and leaches heavy metals. Cast aluminum pans are more stable than thin aluminum pans, but they are reactive and therefore not recommended. Instead of baking a potato or other foods in aluminum foil, bake it on a stainless steel, oven-safe glass or ceramic surface.


4. Low quality stainless Steel.

As we can not find out what filler metals are being used in the manufacturing of Chinese made cookware we do not know for sure of the metal toxins that can enter your food. We do know if this cookware does not pass the Soda Test.


When you buy non USA made cookware you can expect problem like splitting, corrosion, the base separating and problems with handles. I suppose you don't always get what you pay for.


american cookware